Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sunway Splash day!!

3/7/08, Thursday

Whenever I hear of Sunway Lagoon,I wouldnt think of going there. Why so? There's nothing much there to play except water. I can't swim so I don't own any swimsuit. I don't want to drown myself there unless there's a hot guy who would save me =p. None of my family goes to Sunway Lagoon. Eventually, I have no interest of going there. The entry fee is not cheap cost about RM60.....I think. Since I've submitted the membership form, I have free unlimited access to Sunway Lagoon for a year. My college organised an event Splash! at Sunway Lagoon. I took this chance to release stress and find out how the lagoon looks like after how many years haven't been there and...HAVE FUN! XD

I went to college as usual at 8am. Zhi Ling came early in the morning just to accompany me. So nice of you =) *hugs* We chatted, went to her house to put back laptop, walked back to pyramid and we saw KK. Zhi Ling made me used up my reserved energy for the event later on just to find a hairband!!! sigh.....I was hungry throughout the game. We were separated into groups to play something like Amazing Race. Miki, ZL, Howe, KK and I are in the same group. We had to search four places using the clues given by the TOA staff. Ashley's group won at the end. Most of us stayed back to enjoy splashing each other. Got wet again and again XD. The weather was cloudy and drizzle abit. Still, we continue to play in there. ZL,Ruz,KK,Adib and I enjoyed standing under this......I dunno what you call it. All I know once this big bowl above us filled with water, it will pour over our heads. A heavy shower!! The man-made beach water was warm. I like it~ =) While at the beach Ryan and the others were busy throwing Howe's shirt (made into a ball) around, me, ZL,Ruz and Alex went for a short slide around the beach. weeee~! *splash* Let's go for another round! *SPLASH!* eheheheh XD.

We had to wait an hour plus just to get the sunway lagoon strap to wear it around our wrist before entering.
Some of the people who waited until damn sien......

While waiting for that bloody strap, I took my chance to snapshots a few of my classmates =)

Peace! Peace! XD XD

Ruzhafir & Adib

Dial "333" for half devil XD

Cool Chin Yau and cute Meng Shen =3

Kok Jing and Syafiq

Back row (left to right): Leonard, Chun How, Ryan, Kok Kin, Chris, Chun Hau

Second/third row: Adib, Ruzhafir, Hon Wai, Miki, Wai Yern, Ashley, Mei Linn, Meng Shen

Front row: Howe, Me =), Zhi Ling XD

Chris & Chin Yau looking cool with their sunglasses =p
Leonard face kena blocked! hahah XD

The "Black shirt" group

We left around 4 pm. I had to leave first coz grandma was nagging at me not to stay to late. I was really tired, quickly took a warm bath, and sleep!! It was fun and I enjoyed it very much =).
Not to forget, a group pic again^^

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zhi_ling said...

ah dear~
long time din appear in ur blog d..
now i realize, ur blog's comment site is still being fully monopolized by me...~ wee~~

ahh...sunway splash uhh.
long time story... ><
we are still sticking tightly together that time.. hahahaa...'s enjoyable indeed...
especially spending time with my dear..
missing all those sweet time we spent together..
hunting desperately for hair bend,
finding cluelessly for those stupid clues,
starving together through out the bloody games,
exhaustedly lying in the water,
watching those naughty monkeys fooling around with their super lame monkey game,
snap snap snap....
and splash splash splash...!!

it WAS a tiring day...