Friday, August 22, 2008

E2 presentation turn!

Wednesday, 30/7/08

My gang and I had lunch at KFC and saw Ruz's sis and her friend there. We went up to D1 classroom after that. Presentation have not begun, funny things happened....don't remember much. OH I recruited 2 new bodyguards =p. E2 group always did better than E1 since they have one day extra to prepare. Gavin once again got the highest among all. Mark and Zhi Ling's written assignment and presentation was good. Unfortunately, Chong Sern was unhappy with the results. The presentations in both groups didn't impressed him. He was expecting much more since we had it before but we failed to deliver. Everyone was lacked of happy expression, looking all tired so didn't give the best they got. At the end of the class, the usual me....*takes out camera* *SNAP SNAP* =D

bwahahhaa! his "ex-wife" tied it for him! oh man! *ROFL* XD

saya adalah perajurit ryan dari TOA ! bersedia lah! *twink!* ;p

why that expression? oh....i deleted your file XD haha NOT!

happy-go-lucky Hon Wai XD

introducing.....HAYATI! her first appearance in my blog XP

Miki: you! you! you! why you never do this!? why you never do that!? why? i order you to do so la XD

See Jek, Ryan, Zhi Ling. wrong la....why 2,2,3,4? asking me to buy this number is it? XD

Ashley and Wai Yern

Leonard and SailorRyan *twink* XP

Gavin: peace~!
Chun How: peace~!
Hon Wai: *jumps in* peace~!


zhi_ling said...

nice photos! them~
HEY, wheres my smart smart IKEA photo uhh.. ><
gotta send me next time~!!

same goes to us..
we have no time to do our best preparations...
lots of hiccups and referring..
we disappoint CS... T.T
should have done better too...

ahh..finally i complete my comment task..
nice blog~!

hey..this is sem break what..

W.K said...

haha hey!
pretty lazy with updates.
it's holiday!!!! should enjoy more =p

sometimes i dun feel like updating coz alot of things happened....

get stress eventhough no assignment
will try to updates even the news are outdates~ ;)