Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2nd time in lagoon XD

15/08/08, Monday

I had plans to go to Sunway Lagoon but it was raining heavily the whole morning then subside in the afternoon. So, thought the plan might be cancelled depends on the weather later. I didn't plan to "swim" since still have my monthly "thing". Afraid it might come back when I jump into the water =X. Meet up with Ruz, Howe, KK, Henry and Licia at SRA. We walked to lagoon from there. We put our belongings in the locker and head to get ourselves wet (except me). I stand far away and watched them having fun. Ruz asked me just wet my legs and not to go too far. I was trying to prevent myself from getting wet too much but the people around splashes water and yea....I'm wet not entirely. We played truth and dare game and I am lucky for picked on that day (thank god XD). I brought my handphone in just in case I stayed in too long. Headed to the beach and finally I got myself wet.

Incoming water~!

Henry was dared to stand there and shout something

haha! you can't get out! XP

Howe gave me a piggyback ride. Haha...reminds me of my childhood how my cousin bro always gave me a ride when I was young =). There were ppl surfing at at the beach. Woohoo~! hot guys! LOL kidding!! I had to leave early, borrowed KK's shirt and rushed to Pyramid entrance ASAP.

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