Sunday, September 14, 2008

4 day MERDEKA trip at JB =p

Whenever it comes to National Day usually people would either stay at home watch the programme or gather at the event day to celebrate National day showing how patriotic they are (Like we care XP). Grandma and grandpa wanted to visit uncle at JB moreover cuzzie bro will be going there too. My sis and I tagged along. This is my first time seeing my uncle's new house. His house was still under construction when my mum and I went there about 2 years back. His old home was at the apartment. Not a good location......really noisy.....just facing the main road even with the windows closed you can still hear the noise. Cars keep on running up and down. I had a long chat with mum over the past outings I went with my friends. She kept my passport with her. So, might as well just talk things over. Ok...settle already, apologised to her *huggies*, grabbed the passport (OH YEA!!! XD) and off to bed.

Day 1, 30/8/08

We woke up late so reached JB around the afternoon. We were exhausted from the trip and it'll be really late if we were enter Singapore. We had lunch at one of the restaurant. Uncle ordered this unique vege dish. It's cooked in two different method - fried and deep fried. Something that you can't find in KL (i think). The leaves were crispy~ *munch munch* XD. After lunch, head to uncle's house and uncle goes back to office. There was no Astro or internet in the house. Moonlight Resonance DVD was the only thing that can entertain me in the house. Uncle's house is gorgeous~! sound weird....basically it's a nice house =). There were many feng shui stuff around the house.

Living table with no TV =p

Dining table

Grandparents room at ground floor

small LCD TV brought down from cousin's room

another living room upstairs

where me and my sis sleep =) pretty isn't it?

Grandparents wanted to have teabreak. Uncle came back just in time and we went out together to one of the mamak restaurant. Sis misses mamak food ordered a roti planta and fried maggi noodles. o.0 rare for her to eat that much. Grandpa's old friend came to join us and chatted quite a while. Gladly we had teabreak because aunt came back around 10pm and grandparents were starving~. Finally, I was able to eat my long waited crabbie. It's as delicious as how they describe. One of the best I've eaten. I was about to sit down and enjoy my tea, they got up and the restaurant is closing soon. I had to drink my tea in one gulp -_-.

Day 2, 31/08/08

Grandparents, aunt and uncle were not around by the time we woke up. We got ourselves ready, waited for them to return, had lunch first then goes into Singapore. I got dragged in by aunt to do my hair. I spent about 4 hours for rebonding. Sis and the others drove to Woodlands to pay a visit a relative who lives there. It was late evening. I followed aunt take bus back to JB since she was tired from work and no one to walk with me. Uncle belanja me eat crabbie again^^. This time I can enjoy eating my crabbie with no one to rush me!! hahahaha XD Did I say aunt gave me iPhone 3G???

Tada!!!! it's touch screen~! XD

Tada~!! Can you see the glossyness of the phone~! *shines*'s not mine. The phone belongs to my uncle. How come he is more high-tech than me!? I wish I had one.... =p

Day 3, 1/09/08

We were suppose to head back to KL today but bro, sis and I woke up late again at 11am *rolls around the bed* XD. Bro drove us out for yong tau fu at one of the foodstalls. We met up with other family members and checked out newly open Sutera Mall. Ok.....not a place for me. The mall sells "lala" stuff for "lala" people. You see some so-called cosplayers walking around in the mall. I wouldn't mind you dressing up as one in Japan but not in Malaysia. Not appropriate to wear in out in public especially here, Malaysia. Grandparents and aunt had foot massage there. Bro and I spent most of our time playing Time Crisis 4 at the arcade while uncle and sis went yam cha.

After that, we went to AEON Tebrau City. The building is sooooo huge much bigger than 1 Utama. I wanted to grab a shirt at WH shop but after thinking through it's not really worth buying for that price for that kind of quality. It was late evening that time. We decided to stay overnight so that grandma wouldn't complain driving late at night. Cousin bro had to take emergency leave at very last minute. I received a message from mum sulking because either sis nor I told her that we are staying one more night. Why make another call when you already knew before when cousin made a call? sigh.......

Day 4, 2/09/08

We are going home this time. Had breakfast, bid aunt and uncle farewell and left JB. Got back home around the afternoon, dropped my luggage and jumped on my bed. ZZzzz...zzZZZzz..... Don't disturb me. I'm taking my nap......

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