Wednesday, October 1, 2008

official M'sia PS3 launch at 1U

Saturday, 20/09/08 long more Sony need to wait to launch PS3?? Finally, it's here in Malaysia!!!(took you long enough..-_-). As soon I returned from my class, cousin bro invited us to join him and his friend to check out the launch at 1U. This is a MUST to go since I crazed over games. As we reached there, well....not too grand though...... can't compare to other countries. It's Malaysia!! What to expect!? They were selling 80GB PS3 with other additional stuff. There were some games displayed at left hand corner: Assassin Creed, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance..... and a few more. (WHY NO DMC4!!??) Right hand side placed few consoles that only plays Soul Caliber IV. I saw someone using Darth Vader to fight in the game o.0.

some guys trying out Soul Caliber IV. "I am your father~ taste my light saber~!" XD

PS3 console with Heavenly Sword game

Sony Bravia TV - see the difference??? see me and my sis there?? XD

Cosplay girls handing out the PS3 leaflet. That's Fran from FF12, the most right.

Cousin bro missed the chance to get PS3 at a very cheap price. If he would like to buy it at discount RM1000, he has to camp at 1U the day before. Too bad.....sis told him it launches today instead yesterday. Other than that promotion, PS3 package was sold for only RM1766 with exclusive Soul Caliber game and selective games plus Tote Bag and Soul Caliber IV CD holder. Limited to first 120 customers only....-_- Still pricey......

Didn't stay long at 1U. Nothing to shop. His friend needed to go somewhere soon so left the mall after grabbing a pretzel to bite. I'm fond of eating......something smells nice...must get it~. Apparently Leo was on the way to the mall but by the time he arrive at 1U, I'm about to reach home. Better luck next time Leo =p.

I guess it's for Hari Raya. Didn't get a close up


Ciel said...

1k oni.. cool...

but, where's FF13....

Lawliet_Kun said...

DMC 4 is so old. Too bad, I finished playing it :D