Friday, October 10, 2008

ACCA & CAT Graduation Day

Saturday, 27/09/08

First of all, I know this is a really really outdated post. I'm lazy to make new updates. I blog whenever I want to. Busy with assignments......ok....excuses!! =p Back to post.

I'm always running short of cash. Not getting enough of allowance to even support me for a week! Shouted out loud in msn and somehow got Chong Sern's attention XD. He invited me to help out on the graduation day at Sunway Convention Centre. Right after Drawing 2 class, I had to rush for lunch as I took too long to finish my first life-coloured painting. Leo ate his chap fan faster than me. Why are you in a rush when I'm suppose to be the one rushing here? =p He left after accompanied me to the convention centre (missed ya =3). I met up with CS and headed to the robing room where I'll be working in there. Oh....did I mention CS was soooo yeng in the coat?? woots~! XP

robing room

mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all~?

There was nothing much to do at first. I took my time to walk around taking random pictures. Some graduates came to changed their gown size or collect them if those who didn't collect yesterday. You can see Sunway Lagoon outside. Not many people were playing at the lagoon. Around 4.30pm, the graduates came in to asked for assistance to wear the robe. I had to help them pin the robes on their shirts and put the hood around their shoulders, pin them with the robes so that it won't fall down. The graduation was delayed until 5pm....if I'm not mistaken. The staff were calling them down already. Sudden empty....wander around again....followed CS and his colleagues to the VIP room to "steal" some biscuits and cookies then took a nap in the room while waiting for robes to be returned.

I don't remember which is ACCA and CAT.....but they wore different hood

green & black

green, yellow & black with mortar boards on their heads

Big VIP room for 4 VIP only

CS and his colleagues. hah! caught ya eating~! one around....


About 7pm, woke up by dad's call. Really annoyed at that time. He kept asking the same question not believing me that I'm working. Sis smsed me that mum coming to check on me. Well...she did come. Believe me now?? Geez! I won't leave until I complete my job. There were many robes to be hung. We get to have buffet dinner but after the ceremony is over. It'll be too late and I'll starve to death by then. CS was so kind to buy me a box set from Shihlin shop at Asian Avenue. Yummy~ Thanks sir! =)

Bon apetite~! XD

Night view~


that's ME! =P self-admiration~

ps: thanks CS for the correction =p

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