Friday, October 31, 2008

A visit to Starhill Gallery

Tuesday, 28/10/08

I informed my family that I'll be going to Starhill Gallery at KL right after the courses talk. Mum didn't answer so I considered it a yes. Even if she wouldn't allow me to go, I'll just follow because I need to write a report about the gallery I'll be going to. Howe got a list of art exhibition or galleries from Reis. Most of it are not available anymore. The only places we know are Starhill Gallery and Lim Kok Wing University. Bah...who would want to go LKW Uni. Don't want to be the odd ones there and who knows the students there think we are spies intruding LKW Anyhow, the main reason is LKW campus is way too far...... So, we decided to go Starhill Gallery. Off we go!!

Elaine and Miki

Leo hubby~ =3

Cheesy Meng Shen XD

Elaine, Leo and I sat in Miki's car wherelse Ruz and Kok Kin in Howe's car along with his mom. Miki will be dropping Meng Shen somewhere along the way since his house is around. And so, the journey begins. Miki drove faster when Howe got close to her. Howe's mum restricted him from driving fast on highways. We reached Starhill about 6.30pm. Apparently, there was some party going on at the gallery. Ruz and the others got chased out by the staff. We had no choice but to find another entrance to the gallery. Coincidently, we met an ex-lecturer from TOA and his painting is displayed in the gallery. One of the paintings I like the most in there.

Eston Tan's KL night view painting

The Thickest Koi Fish Painting in THE WORLD

Look how thick it is o.0

Chinese painting section
Howe's mum had to rushed back for her date. We had not choice but to wait for her. Miki didn't want to leave us there so invited us over to her house. They agreed to it and sat in her car. I was like WHATT!!?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? 7 ppl in the car wei??? At most, I experienced 6 ppl in the car. That is 4 girls at back seat. I find it tight for me and my family members. This time really break the record. Believe it or not 5 at back seat!!! I repeat 5 people!! 7 people in ONE car. Ruz and I had to squeezed in. *head knocks the car ceiling* This is crazy.....we had to bend our heads from blocking Miki's view and avoid police catch us =p.

Essenism group pic before leaving to Miki's house

Hang in there Ruz XD

I'm having FUN! hehehehhe XD
Stayed at Miki's house for quite awhile before heading to Leisure Mall for dinner. Howe, Ruz and KK were having fun wearing Miki's kimono or yukata. They took turns to hold her katana too. Heavy.......but not to worry....the blade is blunt. Her nicely done bathroom is inside her closet, the most modern part I could fin in her house and I got locked in there with.......=3. Lemme out!!!

ooo~ i'm pretty~ =p

Howe: My turn now shoo!
KK: turn la......
Miki: muahahha carry me!!!
Howe: this girl........*flush*

Poor KK......being victimized. No peace for you

I received many calls from my family that night. Asking me when I'm coming home and scolded me for following them. "WHY" question doesn't apply to them. They refused to give me a relevant answer and kept saying the same thing. Anyhow, I didn't lie about going out for assignment just that I had some fun after the visit. I reached home at 11pm. Is that considered late? I enjoyed it the most as this is my first night outing with my friends. Happy to be able to spent time with you all. Yes....doing all crazeeeee stuff. Hopefully we will have more in sometime later.....and HOPEFULLY I can join you guys (prays hard everyday).

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