Sunday, October 19, 2008

hi and goodbye Ain~!

My ex-tuitionmate called me on one of the Friday nights to attend Ain's open house the next day. Well...I asked "Why doesn't she call me to invite me instead asking you to ask me?" He replied "Lke you will remember her. You have such bad memory." OK.........true enough =p. I can't recall how she looks like. Sorry! The following day, there was replacement Figure class ends at 5 pm. I was late about an hour for her open house. Leonard with KJ in the car drove me back home, left my bag in my house then dropped me at Ain's place. One problem.....I lead Leo to my friend's house and he doesn't know how to go back to his place from my area. I repeatedly gave them directions on how to get back to the main road. I was so worried. They stared blankly at me! *knocks both of you guys head* Hopefully, Leo and KJ find their way out....

Win Ceok, Kenneth, Azlan

you guys make me short~ >.<

She invited few of our ex-tuitionmates. Reunion man........when was the last time I see you guys? Before SPM? This will be the first and the last (probably) I'll be seeing her. She's flying to Egypt to study medicine for 6 years. That's way too long........I probably got a job by then and making some money XD. There isn't much variety of food at her house. Just some spaghetti with some homecooked sauce, curry chicken, yam, and SATAY!!!!! I almost ate 20 sticks of satay about to have more but Win Ceok wants to leave soon. He lives nearby my house so it's easy for him to take me home. He invited me to join him to play snooker and also belanja me T.G.I Fridays for dinner. He hasn't seen me awhile eventhough we live near each other so he was thinking of having a long chat with me. I declined his offer as I have assignments to rush the coming week. Next time ok? =) I wish all the best in your studies, Ain. Hope to see you again^^

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