Thursday, October 23, 2008

meeting with WY & Hannah!! =)

Friday, 17/10/08

I met up with my Hannah and Wing Yann at Sunway Pyramid after Calligraphy class. Gave them really big HUG. much I misses them. It's been months I haven't seen them. They let me decide where to eat as long they don't need to spend more than RM20 per person. So....I decided to have lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. We three ordered Fish & Chips. One of the so-called set lunch with a free lime water. Paid around RM14.90+ each. Continued girl talk, chit-chatting and anything we can think of to talk about.

happily enjoying the meal
When comes to paying the bill......

pay your own meal. i'm not paying for you!

Advanced calculator. You can draw graph with it. There is USB port too. I doubt I know how to use her calculator.....seems complicated...
Accompanied Wing Yann to shop presents for her parents. She bought polo shirts for her them. They couldn't stay long because have to go back to study for their finals soon. Bid them farewell and went to look for Leo at Ming Tien. Wish you guys good luck for your final exams. Let's have a reunion end of the year alright? =D

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