Monday, October 27, 2008

yet another day......

Exploration week starting on Monday. A not-so enjoyable week for me. Lecturers giving home assignments to keep us busy. Not many compared to last semester but could take up time to complete when you ran out of ideas to start any of them. I am totally blank right now...... *silence* *hear clock ticking* *staring at the laptop* yes......that's why I'm blogging now. My ex-high school teacher used to say this: the more you write, the more you can improve in your writing skills.

Last Tuesday, I went to college my usual time eventhough com skill class starts in the afternoon. Met up with Leonard and Ruz then KJ, Ivan, Gideon and Zhan Yang on the way to attend a short brief on Samsung competition. Apparently, only a few of us appeared. It was suppose to be compulsory for all Year 1 Semester 2 students to join but not many knew of this competition. I only found out last night. Round of applause to my dear CD085-3 class!!! Having the most number of students to turn up. woots! Had lunch at the vegetarian restaurant. The food there not bad....but......though Seafood Fried Rice tastes good, the portion is too small for me!!! I'm still hungry...

Zhan Yang

Poke yer nose~

Bite yer pinky~

I squash yer head~! bite my hubby's finger....

Amelia Sia, my ex-schoolmate

Hubby and I =3 luv ya~!

Ti Ming the cursing boy and Ruz the retarderniser

Chong Sern was dead tired. He can barely keep his eyes open. He came back from his trip around midnight. E1 and E2 combined just for the day and we sorta made too much noise. Sorry about that sir =/. Caused for headache for you. He briefed us on our last group presentation. We are given choices to choose between Bruce Barton style and Rosser Reeves style. Bruce Barton emphasizes more on negativity, bringing up stories to dramatise the scenario and propose a solution to solve the particular issue. On the other hand, Rosser Reeves focus on one concept: unique selling proposition. In short, something that can't be found in other products than yours. Being the only product that has it. It also applies to exclusive hotels or restaurants with special priviledges. Cousin bro recommended a chinese restaurant to me. I've looked through the website. The website provides a short info of the restaurant, menu list, promotions and nice pictures. Very shanghai-ish. Unique in a way. Might be using that for the advertisement. Hope you have a good rest sir. You won't be seeing us for a week XD

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