Monday, October 20, 2008

my advertisements =)

My first presentation for 2nd semester was a group presentation. The advertisement is made based on Claude Hopkin style. My product is a vitamin water, a nutrient water-based drink. I took really really really long to make this advertisement. I must admit the idea was kinda last minute. But, it turn out well and Chong Sern likes it =) It gives the magazine feel~

Gotten myself 7.5/10 for advertisement design (yay!) and presentation dropped this semester 2.5/5. Added up I got 10 out of 15. Disappointed in presentation skills. Spend too much time making the ad. sigh...gonna work on it.....

As for 2nd presentation, it is done individually. This time followed Helen Resor style of making advertisement. She's the first to add celebrity endorsement along with testimonials in the ad to promote the product well. Helen Resor's advertisement mostly sells the SOFTNESS, ROMANCE, GLAMOROUS and SEX APPEAL. That's why I've chose Marilyn Monroe for her glamorous looks. Made the background in such that she is on stage performing much needed the Glamorous fragrance to boost her confidence and make her more glamour~

And so......remained 7.5 for advertisement and a 3 for presentation total up 10.5 out of 15. Improved by 0.5 mark.

One more presentation to go. Who will be my next partner? ; )

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