Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I see TWO cockroaches in my room. The other day in my living room. Not just any ordinary cockroaches, it can fly!! *rolls a newspaper and WHACK!* or *spray with Shieldtox* Dun play dead. I know you are still ALIVE. E-x-t-e-r-m-i-n-a-t-e any insects you come across.

I did mention bees appear near any light source outside or inside my house by 6am. I got stung once when a bee still flying around in my room. Hurts a bit and it leaves its sting in my finger(Ouchies >.<). Where on earth did they come from? Can't exterminate them......whole swamp of bees will come flying at you. Get ready your suits people!. Bah.......just OFF THE LIGHTS.

Never knew a wasp or bee about 2 inch big built a nest near my main entrance. The nest is too small for it to fit in. Can see its butt sticking out (Yuck!). Grandparents destroyed its nest 3 TIMES. Finally, the wasp or bee didnt come back after the third time. It flew somewhere........shoo shoo! Dun come back here anymore. I conclude......


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