Monday, October 27, 2008

Random post

Some random post......remembered I had lunch with my friends at Sunway Pyramid. Wanted to change spot to eat. Really bored with Ming Tien's food. We walked to Asian Avenue to check for new spot to eat..... decided at Station Kopitiam. Kok Jing and I got tricked by the picture of pattaya fried rice. The egg served is not like what we saw in the picture. Wanted to complain but too bad we ate it already =x. Ruz helped me to buy takoyaki. Rm4 for 3 octopussss XD.
Takoyaki Yummy~ XD
KJ and KK fascinated by the takoyaki
hubby first time seeing it? XD
Ivan, Syafiq, Ruz, Howe and Leonard
They had basketball game after lunch........

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