Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Levi's Warehouse Saleeee

Saturday, 18/4/09

Mom and I went for Levi's first warehouse sale (I think) along with my 2 other uncle, aunt and grandma. T he sales last for two days. The sale is known through invitation. You need a flyer to enter. Aunt has plenty of flyers. She kept on passing to ppl. We had to line up to enter as the hall is not big enough and is crowded. As we enter, gosh....everything is a mess. The bad thing is you cant try on the jeans and it's not exchangable. Since it's so packed, some ppl stayed at the side and forced to try on. It's really really difficult to buy your size when you want different cutting. I heard some customers wore the clothes and went out without paying =/. Met Zuang Mei there working as a volunteer there (why do you even work when you dun get paid? at the end she got paid =p). Finally found out who's her cousin working there. I bought a jeans, a belt, a shirt for Leonard and a couple shirt =p. The couple shirt comes along with a box. There are few designs. I chose the bird. I think it's nicer than the alien looking combine couple shirt. Not to mention well....it's an old stock so it's only sold for RM20 XD. The prices for all items are from RM10 - RM120. Darn cheap for Levi's/Dockers brand. Went home tried on the jeans, kinda tight for me =/. Need to slim down my thighs >.<.

Sunday, 19/4/09

Mom, sis and I went the next day. We saw a group of indian mens taking advantage to collect illegal parking fee. The guy wanted to collect from us. Mom said there's is no such thing. I came yesterday and there is none. Dont come collecting. The indian man replied my mom lansi or whatever la. Aiya...we ignored him and enter the hall. The last day of sales is not that crowded and easier to find things. The shoe price dropped from RM70 to RM50!!! LOLLL super cheap. Anyone who bought on first day too bad =p. I decided to get one since my sneakers are worn out. Bought another jeans that fits me better. I think mom spent almost 1000 O.O for both days item. Yay! my 2nd pair of Levi's jeans XD

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