Friday, May 1, 2009

YES!! Go out!!!

Finally an outing with my old gang. Truthfully, I'm glad you asked me out Ruz. I'll go crazy if I stay any longer at home. Boredom really takes over you and can kill you too. I'll soon reach my insanity level. Emotionally retard for days and I'm back to normal after hearing words that can comfort me.

Last Sunday, I had lunch with with my friend. Initially, we wanted to eat at SS2 but surely no parking coz it's SUNDAY!! You get what I mean? He suggested to Mid Valley and off we go. Parked at The Gardens coz more parking space there. We had a tour around to search for food at the same time window shopping. I dun often go The Gardens as you all know, the things sold there are not something I could buy or will buy. We had a look at the art store. It's like paradise in there where you can get any art stuff related you want there. Not for colour pencils though =/. Food not to our liking and price is exceptionally high. Walked to Mid Valley and ate Kenny Roger's. Win Ceok ordered macaroni cheese when he saw a portion of it in my quarter meal of chicken. When it comes to the bill, the restaurant was generous to pay the macaroni cheese for him XD. It was not listed in the bill so why bother to pay? Hahaha too bad =p. Grandma and sis was there too but they still wanna walk. Sat awhile in his car enjoying the air-con, listening to Jay Chou songs while waiting for Kenneth and Azlan to be ready. Seriously, the weather is damn freaking hot. It feels as if I'm living in the oven. Dropped me at home before he and the others go play snooker. Thanks for the Jay Chou CD anyway =D

Back to gang outing. Before I meet up with Ruz and KK, I dropped by at Chong Sern's office to pass my cookies to him =). He likes eat =) Gehehe.... Due to budgeting, we ate McD lunch meal. Well, worth the price coz a soft drink and french fries included. And that is bad!! Attract people to eat more McD and get high cholesterol. LOL. Gave some cookies to them to try and they liked it too !=D. This shall encourage me to make better cookies in future!!! XD. While we were hanging around at Asian Avenue, the fire alarm rang. The shutter started to close halfway. I thought it was some extra decoration they want to add in Asian Avenue but it doesnt look right after we walked out from there. Jusco entrance had the shutter closed halfway. Same goes for every shutter in Pyramid. No idea who's the fella who press the fire alarm button.

that's cheating Ruz!

Never to forget, arcade time!! It is a MUST to go arcade whenever I'm with them. A must to play DDR!!! They changed some of the game machine placement and added new machine in there. Rambo game is there -_-. This time, Ruz and I tried playing EZ Dance whatever the name is. You need to move your hands and legs together. At first, I couldn't catch it. After few tries, I kept up the moves. It was fun!! We both couldnt pass the final stage yet. We shall soon.....The machine better stay there. Right Ruz? =p Took KK outside of pyramid to redraw his 3-point perspective. Burning hot outside. Lucky there's the bolder and wind blowing but stil HOOOTTTT! I went to checked Vision Art if they sell the 48 Prisma Colour pencils and it's sold out!!! NOOOOOOO!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I WANT THEM!!!! No choice to wait for them to restock and dunno when is it =/.

see my rosey cheeks? waiting under hot sun while listening to music

Anyway, the outings really brings up my mood. Looking forward for next week =). Curious on the surprise XD. EHEHEHHEE.....

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