Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Howe~! XD

Tuesday, 5/5/09

The plan we planned to prank Howe was sorta unsuccessful. This is how it goes. Ruz asked him to go Sunway Lagoon on his b'day since he enjoys water and we can splash him all we want. Just to let you know Sunway Lagoon is closed every Tuesday. Coincidently his b'day falls on Tues =p. Believe it or not he fell for it. On his b'day, he totally forgotten about the lagoon and came without any extra clothes. 1st SUCCESS in pranking him XD. Luckily, Ruz brought some clothes. We blind-folded him at McD and led him to lagoon entrance. He is asked to lie down so we can throw waterballoons at him!! To avoid wetting his jeans since no spare jeans for him. muahahha!!!! Sadly.....really SADLY, the balloons didnt pop! We ended up hitting him with the balloons. Sorry Howe! XP. We did make him wet at the end.

Headed to Gloria Jeans for some drinks. I didnt order due to short of money. I'm saving ya'know...... for future purposes. Really brings back the old times where we used to hang out back in sem 1 the four of us. It was really fun. Next, went makan at Gasoline chat pretty long there while waiting for Neal to arrive. The waiter came to our seat and smiled upon Neal. Gosh.....we couldnt hold it and burst into laughter. The way he smiled is really funny. Moved on to next level in DDR. No more light difficulty. Standard man Yea!

I was sad I couldn't join them to watch X-men Origins: Wolverine. There were really good reviews on it and how cousin bro describe about it really makes me to watch it my own. It is a 2 hours movie which starts at 4pm. I had to go back in between. While they left for movie, I wander around Pyramid until my parents arrived. I hope you have a good time Howe. Oh and the presents we chose for you. Happy Birthday~! =)

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