Wednesday, November 18, 2009

yam cha cha XD

this is really random....i just felt like blogging all of sudden and im happy =D. I came back not long from a rarest yam cha I had. Why am I still typing when I'm suppose to rush for my marker rendering tomorrow? ahhhh...whatever~

These few weeks it was raining everyday heavily and its COLD!!! I even stole Wuzzy's jacket to keep me warm in the library coz i was practically freezing there. I came back from college, changed into my short pants and jump straight to my bed with my blanket. Fan set to level 1 only. Sleep until dinner time, wake up then eat, took my bath and stone for awhile. The routine had been repeating for the past few days. Really stressed out just need to take a break. As I was resting on my bed, having this shoulder sore that irritates me, I felt vibration. Feiyan called me asking me out for yam cha at Picadilly.

So, Ajeet picked me up and we all meet up with his other friends. Turn out that it was Justin's birthday!! She didn't want to be alone besides, I live nearby so....=D. Felt bad for intruding =x. Anyway, Happy 19th Birthday to him =D. There were 9 ppl in total. They ordered a beer towel and some food. Had a sip of it, drank my hot chinese tea to warm myself. The only names I remembered are Justin the bday boy, Ming, Don, the filipino guy, the indian boy, another boy (LOL!)....yea thats all. The TV was tuned to Starworld. It was showing wrestling that time and all of us were talking about how silly or epic it is. After all of us are done with our drinks, we bid farewell and went home at 12am. It was short but nonetheless it was fun too =). Guess what...mum open the door for me....... she was waiting...... =x

Fei felt she might be giving a wrong impression to my family just bringing me out for outings at night. Knowing how my family thinking, they may have a misperception about her. The typical mind set of being influence of "hanging out" too much especially at night
would affect my studies and such. I know how it feels to be in that position. Even so, I know what is right or wrong. I know who I should or shouldn't be mixing. What's wrong with friend's smoking? Smoking doesn't prove you are a bad person. Its just an impression put upon by ppl. It is not wrong meeting new people. In fact I like meeting more ppl. I met few new ppls around this semester, got to know them well and I had fun hanging out with them, chatting and stuffs. Nevertheless, I'm grateful I met her =). God bless her.

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