Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dangerous walking alone.......

Tuesday, 6/1/09

I took a bus home after having lunch with hubby. I didn't want grandpa to drive all the way to Subang Jaya just to pick me up. I also didn't want to wait till dad to pick me after his work as I have yet to have assignments to do. Might as well I go home earlier and rest more. The bus reached my area, I came out and walked the same way back to my home as how I always did if I take a bus. As I was walking around the housing area, I saw two indian secondary school boy stopped at a car to sort out some textbook or something. I continue walking. One of the boy came walking the same road. Suddenly he got near me and asked what is the time. I faked the time and kept walking. I walked slower on purpose so he would be in front of me. I find it weird when he slowed down making me taking the lead. He start asking many questions where do I live? Where I come from? yada yada. His action was very suspicious. He tried to get my attention saying "Excuse me. Sorry" I ignored him and start walking even faster to the condominium. He used another entrance to the condo. While I was about to enter the condo, I tripped over the stairs (how clumsy can I be at this time??) Ahhhhh!!! I didnt bother the pain. Quickly got up and guess what, I saw him!!! He walked to a shop and flipping through some magazine. I dunno if he's pretending or what coz he is facing me! I quickly went down the escalator stayed at one corner near Picadilly and take a look if he is following me. Stayed awhile, wanted to call hubby but he's having class and too far away from me. Wanted to call Win Ceok but not sure he's having class too or even bring his darling phone to school. I was worried......but I remained as calm as possible. No sign of him I fast fast walked back home. Constantly looking behind to check he's really hiding somewhere and follow me. Finally, I reached home safe and sound............ Really an unlucky day for me. Don't think I want to walk again. This is the first time happened to me. Either follow hubby's car or dad's car. I dun wanna be the next victim at my area. Thanks to my clumsiness, I had a big pinkish, purplish and bluelish bruise on my knee..... it's so darn swollen. So ladies out there, PLEASE DO NOT WALK ALONE.
Lesson learned : Never walk alone to anywhere. Find a friend to walk with if possible.


zhi ling~ said...

it's soooo....
ahh...i duno how should i respond as well..

glad that u are fine!...
take care yea!
no more walking alone, FOR U..
but i got no choice...T.T

W.K said... fine
luckily that boy didnt do anything to me.....still scary.... eventhough he's younger and shorter than me..... who knows he might bring more ppl.....ahhhhh!!!

ling ling, bring a stick with you for protection. it might help...somehow..
i know i've said this many time to you
really you have to be careful ah!!
TRY to get a friend to walk with you.....

HonWai said...

KICK HIM KICK HIM!!! xD Are u ok now??? Still blue arr?? Or purple?? Ask jun mei how to fix ur leg color la..! She is good with color..=D OKAYYY!! Too lame...take care la..hehe..

W.K said...

no need jun mei bruise can change colour by itself. color changes according to mood wan =p. LOL!....lame la... ya i will. thanks for your concern =)