Thursday, January 1, 2009


Goodbye year 2008!! And Hello 2009!!
Wish everyone have a prosperous year.
Never forget the fun times we had together
See you somehow somewhere in this year
Fellow CD085-3 -ians let show them how bonkers we can be XP
Enjoy your life~!

A new beginning for everyone as we had finished our 6 months of Foundation in The One Academy. We will be majoring a course that we chose. We will have parting ways and move on with our lives. We get older and mature in years pass. We learn new things and gain more knowledge in anything we study. We have covered the very basics or aft and design in our selected school.

I've learnt alot through my 6 months time in TOA. I learn how to sketch and shade properly in college. Something that I wouldn't learn in my high school. I think I said this before......bahhh who cares =p. I've been through the first stage of my toughest life in TOA. 1st semester was really a hectic. Tons Of Assignments coming in your way. Restless semester but it was fun. I meet many new friends. I enjoy working with them especially in group works. I had fun hanging out the crazy group I met (you know who you are ; p). We are the noisiest whereever we go. 2nd semester.......hehe...a lovey dovey moment =3. Never forget my ex-schoolmates who knew me for many many years =).

Long-winded post coming up like now( or not) XD. I am really happy I picked something that I really like to study. Many people thinks people who take up art & design will not earn a living and thinks your job is draw on the street. What you see around the world is ART. I am proud to have a family that support me. Without them I wouldnt be here. I wouldn't be on one of the best college in the country. Nevertheless, I hope they keep on supporting in whatever I do and be proud of me.

Oh the good thing of 2008, I didn't fall sick at all! It's just almost almost XD. Weehehehe my antibodies strong eh... XP
I stayed at home the whole day...bored......Not allowed to go out.....I have headache somemore...make the feeling worse. After dinner, still got headache. I can't take it took 2 pills of panadol and rested awhile. What a waste le.......the condominium blocked my perfect view of watching fireworks. I can only hear the explosion sound. Wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Stayed awake until hubby comes back home. Chat chat awhile then sleep. I miss you hubby *huggies* =3

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