Friday, January 30, 2009

my first orchestra =p

Sunday, 11/1/08

I attended my first ever orchestra concert with my sister at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. I went for A Viennese New Year : a selection of music by Strauss. I've always watching and listening to orchestra on tv. Now I get the chance to see it live XD. My dearest sister paid my ticket for me as her treat to me. She bought the RM40 ticket since the cheapest ticket is sold out (really fast). We took LRT from Asia Jaya to KLCC. The to-and-fro ticket cost about RM5. We had to wear semi-formal. Strictly no casual wear. I still find it hard to walk on heels. It hurts my feet if I walk any longet than half an hour =/. I saw a man having the same ticket in the train. He must be watching with the same concert too. We reached the hall just in time.

KLCC CNY deco. I'm only fascinated by the 2 big tanglungs

the FREE booklet

Here I am, sitting in the hall, experiencing the astonishing performance by the orchestra players. The conductor, Martin Sieghart leads the orchestra. There are about 13 music pieces played. I'm familar with some of the music pieces. Heard it before when I was young. Arpine Rahdjian, a soprano singer makes the performance even better. Her voice is so powerful that blew my mine away. Both her and the conductor had to walk back on stage to bow to the audience as we clapped our hand longer. Flowers were given to them to show their appreciation. He had 3 encores to play. The final piece was interesting. We tagged along, clapping our hands by following the music beat. It was fun!

After the concert, sis and I went to Isetan to buy some sushi to eat. We walked awhile since sis needed to find a present for her colleague. At last, she bought a handmade necklace. The pendant has a flower shape in it surrounded by 2 swarovski crystal along the necklace. Took LRT back to the station. feet aches! I have few blisters on both feet =/. Anyhow, I enjoyed the concert. Hoping to attend another =)

smile smile =)

Upcoming concert: Symphonic Fantasies

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zhi ling~ said...

dear ah,
is that ur sister in that picture?
both of you looked gorgeous!
owh, finally i get to see what you have been describing bout the deco @ KLCC~ hahaa...memang.... AHERM!

aiyooo..u ni...
always update ur post LATE uh..!
it's VERY LATE lerh oi!
awaiting for ur CNY updates ah!~
happy CNY!
enjoy the last two days of the holiday!
see ya very soon!!~