Thursday, January 1, 2009

gathering with me gfwens =D

Sunday, 28/12/08

Messaged Wing Yann, Zuang Mei, Kathryn and Lydia free to go out walk walk. Semua pun ok. If tak ok, I sepak you guys. December not free meh. The plan was to go out 2 weeks before but Kat attending Comic Fiesta on both weekends =/. So postponed 2 weeks later lollllllll. And finally we meet up on Sunday.

Supposely we meet up at Mc'D at 10.30am. I woke up around that time =p. Quickly had chee cheong fun for breakfast, changed clothes then ask cousin bro to drop me there. I am the late one XD. Sorry XD. Changed meeting spot to Carl's Junior. Nah....I give presents to you guys. So, dun marah marah =p.

Zuang Mei the organizer XD ahahhahah

Kathryn, Lydia and Wing Yann (look at camera your pancake later =p)

Our movie starts at 12.55pm. We had lunch at Paddington House of Pancakes. I wouldn't say it's lunch because the pancake we ordered is not filling to me. My teabreak appetite. Delicious but too little for all of us. Ordered wrongly. Not cheap wei. They paid my portion as I gave them presents XD. Thank you guys. Love you all~!!. We watched Beverly Hill's Chihuahua. A funny and your typical movie. Not too bad actually. Lydia paid the ticket for me. Thanks Lydia =). We hanged around at MPH bookstore. Kat had to leave early coz have to celebrate her mom's b'day at Red-box later. Cool eh~? My tummy making noise liao. Hunt for more filling food: Spagetti!!! Search around where have spagetti to eat. Delifrance tak mau.

We ate a quarter of it. Weee~ bananas, strawberries, vanilla ice-cream and stg stg......

Finally, we went in Dominoes Pizza. WY, Lydia and I orderd the carbonara spagetti set with mushroom soup with a glass of iced lemon tea. ZM ordered the pizza set. Rm10 for each set including tax. Quite worth althought the spagetti not the best. As long can fill up my stomach can liao. Michelle's spagetti still the best XD. About 5pm, we say bye bye to each other. Sigh...although we can't spend longer time together but happy to see you guys in good shape XD. Next year gathering coming up! Make sure you reserve some days for us all ; ).

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