Tuesday, March 24, 2009

night outing

Thursday, 21/3/09

Hon Wai invited me to join them for yam cha at Taman Megah at 9pm. Well, for those who know my curfew, I'm not allowed to go out at night. After my figure class, I followed Zhi Ling to visit Chong Sern. It's been so long I can sit and chat with him. Most of the time I only see him in class teaching other students or the 3rd floor corridor or block D stairways. And yes, I miss you sir! I miss your lessons! =). Chong Sern had diahrroa yesterday. He said he must have kena-ed when he had lunch with his colleagues at Bao Bao restaurant. Sorry to say this but the pan mee doesnt taste good (Don't go there to eat! =p). I saw this History of Art & Design 1 invitation card made by the 1st sem 2009 students. I dunno if I should say they are insane and hardworking or insane and kiasu =p. Everthing is written by hand and there are some cut-die, pasting and designs. Don't tell me they did it the same for 100 staffs? Gosh.....probably is just a way to safe printing money. You're wasting time writting so much unless you have people willing to write that much for the next 100 staff LOL.

Anyway, Chong Sern and Zhi Ling asked me to come tonight too. I went home asked my family. They said it was "too late". Somehow the time changed to 7.30pm and meeting at Asia Cafe. Yay! Got permission! Hubby picked me up and I lead him to Asia Cafe..... Hon Wai, Chong Sern, Zhi Ling and Mei Linn arrived there first. We sat awhile and took turns to order our food. There were so many stalls selling variety of foods. Cant really make up my mind. At last, I ordered my favourite Grilled Chicken with butter and rice served with coleslaw at the Thai stall. Paid RM8.90 for it. 4 of hubby's friend came over and sat with us. Gavin, Hua Yuan and Shawn wore black shirt and came together. Chong Sern belanja a large honeydew drink. TQ sir =D. Sat there until 10 pm then go home before my phones rings non-stop. I have one word to say FUN~! XD

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