Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stop Motion!!!

I team up with Howe, Ryan, Meng Shen, Neal and Fei Yan. Our idea for our stop motion is based on Fei Yan's random lyrics she did with her friend during her high school. It's about this retard boy walking down the street. Suddenly this crazy women threw a microwave with a bread inside from her apartment. The microwave landed on the boy. He got knocked down and was sent to the hospital. At the hospital, the nurse served him bread and peanut which he hated the most. This is an ad for "Prodential". We purposely changed the original "U" to "O". Meng Shen traced the Prodential logo but couldn't insert in the program. No choice to take the picture of the storyboard cover to replace it. The dateline for stop motion is the week after end of CNY on Thursday. We had no choice to go to her house on Saturday to make the characters and buildings. Neal was still at his hometown.

At lunch time, we sat in Meng Shen's manual car to 1U. We didnt want to walk coz it's kinda far and the weather is freaking hot! I declared Meng Shen's driving SAFE~. The funny thing he did was he stop his car away from the ticket collecting machine. The machine is right next to the passenger seats. We were like "Aren't you too far away from the machine? Oh, my mirror cannot wind down." Fei Yan had to take the ticket for him. LOL!! Total sweatness man.... We ate at Vietnamese Kitchen, walked around abit, Howe and Fei Yan bought some ice-cream..... The ice-cream was soft and watery, complaint to the guy....dunno he refund the money or give them new ice-cream which is the same. We went back to her house to continue making the stuffs.

Two days before submission, we were rushing to snapshots every single movement. We went to her house again to compile the pictures and make the song. Meng Shen and I had to wait for others to finish class at 5.30pm. Followed Neal's car to damansara. It was pretty jam at LDP. Reached her house, had noodles cooked by her dad (yummy~ anchovies in it. had two plates =p) and start work! I kept practising the piano to get the rhythm, timing and key right. After numerous tries, we finally get the song right and recorded it. Next step is editing the video. There were missing shots and no choice to repeat some pics. It was almost 1 am, the video is not done yet!! ahhhhh!! *panicked* >.<. I had to leave first as mom kept asking me to go home. They finished the video around 2am +. The video turn out ok. We successfully made the retarted boy RETARD. Love the beginning XD.

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