Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dancing Trooper in Japan! XD

My sister and I watched this video of a trooper from Star Wars dancing in Japan. He chooses places where they are many people always walking the streets and dance right at the centre. He really has the guts to do that. i can't even bring myself to even dance in front of the stage >.<. The first video is shot at Akihabara Tokyo. The song he used is Let' Groove Tonight by Earth, Wind and Fire. The videos were recorded recently this year. You will later see a group of cosplayers joined him dancing on the streets XD. It must be coincidence to have meet them while filming. The pedestrians stopped by and recorded him using their cam-phones. He is always dancing the same moves but in other videos he start doing popping and robot dance. The second video is recorded at Shibuya using a faster song. One of the famous place in Japan. This is one of the funniest home video i've ever watched XD.

Dancing Trooper in Tokyo!

Trooper in Sibuya! XD

Vader and Trooper in Harajuku Tokyo

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