Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Maybanks' secret exposed!?

During dinner today, my aunt came to me and my sis with a leaflet that has something to do with Maybank bank. The leaflet is published by National Union of Bank Employees (NUBE). This workers want to boycott Maybank for charging exobitant fees on the customers. They were implying how Maybank earn so much with high profit. They made a comparison charges table between few banks. Since, our country is multiracial, they made the leafet into four different languages. You can choose to read it in english, malay, chinese or tamil. Even the picture of a guy at the bottom left-hand corner according to the race. I'm not sure how true Maybank is robbing the customers' money. But I do know the Maybank employees who supported this union will be in trouble. Feel free to check their website if you're curious =P

Website: http://www.nube.org.my/

*will post up the leaflet as soon i scanned it

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