Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kyaaaaaa~! I want her!!!!!!!!! *woof! woof!* X3

Few days ago, I was awaken by loud voices in my house. I couldn't really get what they were saying. I heard "The eyes are black" "'s black and cute~!". I bet a puppy is in the house so i woke up. Uncle Alex and Aunt Irene was sitting at the living room. There, I saw a black puppy tied near the living room. It is a female puppy.I quickly ran out the house to play with her. She is so adorable and cute~! I'm not quite sure how to spell her name but it's either "Queencey" or "Princey". I'll have to ask uncle again. She looks like my young dog Bobby. Just that her ears are bigger and flip in front. She is only 2 months, loves to jump and loves people to pad her stomach. Her actions are just like Bobby. At least, Queencey or Princey is not as crazy as Bobby. She is a mixed Labrador breed. Her mom(pure breed) mated with an outside dog on the streets and gave birth 10 BLACK puppies!!! geng or not the mom? XD

*Smiles* Ain't I adorable and cute~?

At first, my uncle's friend gave her to another friend to take care. The other friend then pass her to my uncle. My uncle intend to keep her awhile to give it to his wife's father who owns a plantation. After taking care of Queencey/Princey for three days, he developed a friendship bond. He couldn't bare to leave her at his father-in-law place as he knew that she might one day get bitten by snake or any other wild animals at the farm. He was worried and decided to keep her. There it is, my uncle who never thought of adopting a dog came one to him. It must be fate for him to give the puppy. She was lucky that my uncle willing to keep her. Besides, just look at her, aren't you atracted to her adorable face? =) Even i am willing to keep her. Hehehe.......As you can see her legs are brownish-white. Hers' didn't blend well and turn out pretty weird. According to chinese believes, they say dogs with white legs brings bad luck. Like hell my uncle believe so am I. As long the dog/puppy is obedient, friendly, loving, affectionate, serious and loyal to the family.

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