Tuesday, December 23, 2008

surgery day

Friday, 19/12/08

Woke up at 8.30am. Had my breakfast then go to hospital. Takes a lift up to day surgery unit. Wears a wrist tag with my name on. Changed into a white robe provided by the hospital. The nurse took me in. Waited for an hour for my turn. Doctor have another patient waiting for me. Lying on the bed about to sleep. Finally, a nurse came bring me to operation room where my surgery will be done. Just like what I seen on TV. Lights on the ceiling above the bed in a wide room. Very bright......gosh...my eyes >.<. Lie down on the bed. Another nurse telling me she will inject the err......what do you call it....makes you sleep. Clenched my right fist and she injected in my veins (ouch...hurts a bit). My vision starts to get blurry. The next blink of an eye, poof! sleeping......zzz....ZZzz...zzZZ...

The moment I woke up, I find myself somewhere.....an oxygen mask on me, still dizzy...not really awake yet. A nurse came to me woke me up. Ooo....my eyes opened. She showed me the lump taken out. It's white about 1.5cm big. 0.o.....that is kinda big. Suddenly, I felt really weak, very dizzy about to faint. The nurse quickly gave me a dripper containing salt or something. I didn't have my breakfast. Gosh.....so darn hungry!! Feeling better already, they bring me to the day surgery unit.

My face have colour already. Sat up straight and looked around. I can't see anything clearly without my spectacles! I think I saw the doctor passby but don't dare to call him. What if I mistaken the doctor? Don't feel good......vomitted water. A nurse gave me a cup of warm milo, 2 pieces of biscuit and a cup of water. Ahhhh!!! foooodddddd ahhhh!!! *chomp chomp* XD. Rested quite long at the day surgery unit. Finally, changed into my clothes and meet mom *hugs* =). While waiting for mom settle the payment, hubby called =3. After the payment, mom and I went back home. I don't feel well again.....vomitted a little bread that mom gave me to eat before. Lying dead on mom's bed, mom cooked cintan noodles for me to fill up my empty stomach. Grandma bought fried rice for me. Almost finished it. Darn.....no egg....not so nice. Took my bath, ate painkiller according to nurse to finish the course for today. Helped send calligraphy to Ivan. Super drowsy....can't stand it and just sleeeeppppp.....
I have to drink a bottle of Fu Gui's essence of fish with american ginseng and cordyceps everydat to help my wound heal faster, increase blood flow,..........etc. Taste....fishy....funny taste la....Brand's Chicken essence taste better XD.

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