Thursday, November 6, 2008

College Tips 101 from Dominoes Pizza

Study Tips:
  1. Be involved in your classes
  2. Take GOOD notes
  3. Review your notes every day

Assignment Writing Tips:

  1. Start early, don't procrastinate.
  2. Plagiarism is a NO - NO! Quote your cources.
  3. Before printing your final draft, run spell-check and proof read.

Preparing for Exams:

  1. Review your notes.
  2. Rework problems.
  3. Do not stay up all night studying. You'll be less clear-headed than if you don't get some rest.

After reading, I checked myself whether I am the good and hardworking person. I attended every single class, take notes all the time due to practice back in high school but hardly look through the notes XP. Sometimes I procastinate, sometimes there's just too much work to complete. Plagiarism? I bet most design ideas are quite similar..... Yes.....Checks every single detail of art. Since I draw more than I write so it is the other way round. Nah.......what's there to revise for exams unless for history and calligraphy class exam. We don't stay up late to study, we DRAW TILL DEATH COMES UPON US! XD

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