Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm on TV!!!! did you see me~?! XD

On CNY eve, 6/1/08, I went out with my family for dinner at Bangsar Village. As usual the chinese way, we do "lou sang". Carry the food as high as you can with the chopstick. We had the normal set dishes. The only food I like among all the dishes is the 'Prawn York". That was will delicious~! Not few tables away from us, we saw RTM2 cameraman recording at on of the tables. The RTM2 crews came to our table and request for an interview for CNY. My cousins, sister and I took the interview and wish for the best for CNY. The last part of the interview, my whole family "GONG XI FA CHAI" together. The crew member told us that they will inform us when they will show the interview on TV.

Around the afternoon today, 15/1/08 my aunt called and said the interview has shown already. My cousin sis's friend saw her interview on CNY eve that day itself. We knew nothing about it........ Anyway.....did any of you saw me on TV? XD

1 comment:

zhi_ling said...

dat's crazy!
if that's me,
i sure cover my face and run away..

rtm2 uh?
dat's the awful malay channel..
i seldom watch it..
so, of coz, i dun see you!!